Crucial steps involved in the home buying process – Know before you take the plunge

Buying a home can often be categorized as an intimidating process, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. Very few people like Bill Gates can buy their house with cash and all the other laymen require taking resort to professional financing in the form of mortgage loans. Read more

First Time Home Buyers choosing a Realtor®

Nothing is more exciting than being a first time home buyer. Nothing can be more frustrating than driving around town becoming an official: “lookie lou” wasting gas and time, and having no clue about the “nuts and bolts” of buying a home. To avoid any further frustration, you need to grab a parachute labeled , Realtor® and let them handle all the “what if’s” while you make the transition from a “lookie lou” to a “supervisor.”

That said, as a first time home buyer “supervisor” you’ll need to look for the caution signs in terms of using a Realtor® .

Our Team of Realtor® are standing by to assist you!

Our Team of Realtors® are standing by!

Your dream of home ownership is at stake so make sure you hire one you can work with, as well as one who’ll listen to your needs and desires. One who has experience, is persistent but polite, and recognizes your comfort zone. Knowing the area where you have chosen to buy helps. The key word here is interview.

Be sure that your Realtor® understands mortgage financing to insure you are presented with the best mortgage financing options for your needs. Not all home loans are the same and many financing programs come with extra benefits for first time home buyer.  Read more

Loan Pre-Qualification

If you are like most, you know that it would be beneficial to just have money handed over your way.  You work hard at what you do and are financially stable.  You know that it is time for you to move into a new place and want to make sure that you have the best opportunities available for you.  The first investigation to make in order to step forward is through a loan pre-qualification.   Read more

Obtaining Your Dream Home

Even though it’s not easy for everyone to buy a home, it is in fact easier than ever to get a home these days with most lending firms and banks being more liberal than ever with providing home loans and mortgages.  Even if you don’t have a lot of capital or a lot of money to put down, you can still get the home of your dreams at a very affordable price. Read more

Must Read Tips on Buying A Home

The home buying process can seem complicated, but if you take things step-by-step, you will soon be holding the keys to your own home!

But before going into the buying process you should first ask yourself if your are already ready for home buying. Read more

Easy Steps To Follow When Purchasing Real Estate

If you haven’t bought property before, you are most probably looking for some pointers which will help you purchase a pleasant property for a great price. Mentioned below are a few tips to get you moving with your property buying endeavors.

A home inspection is sometimes not needed by the bank, however it should be done even if it’s not needed. When buying a property, it is essential that you know what you are purchasing, so be certain to have a home inspection done by a pro. A untrained observer may not see some things that are astray, so it’s smart to get a certified home inspector to have a look at it completely before buying. Read more

Choosing your First Home

If you are ready to move out of your apartment, there is no time better than now.  Beginning to search for your first home is an important step to having the ability to build better finances and to live in a place that is comfortable.  If you are considering a new home, there are specific things that you will want to know before jumping in with both feet. Read more

Real Estate Buying Tips For Any Consumer

People are fearful when buying real estate for 1 or 2 reasons. Some fear the present infirm home market, while others are intimidated by the legal facets of buying real estate. There are many different factors that play into the decision to buy real estate. One way to lay your fear to rest is more data, and this advice can provide valuable insight to get you started. Read more

Simple Steps To Purchase Your First Home

Alright so you have found your dream home, now you need to learn how to finance it. A mortgage can be a complicated process for first time buyers. It is a long process that requires some knowledge in order to make sure you are not overpaying. The first thing you would need to do to qualify for a mortgage loan is provide a down payment. Usually the down payment is about 20%-30% of the loan value. Read more

6 Great Real Estate Buying Tips

Get a Professional Realtor.  Buying and selling real estate is a complex matter. At first it might seem that by checking local picture books or online sites you could quickly find the right home at the right price. Save your gambling for visits to the Casino, not your life’s biggest investment. Understanding the true costs of home ownership is very important for first time buyers. There’s more to consider than just a monthly mortgage payment. Will you be able to afford the expenses that come with owning a home? Read more